Month: February 2014

Change…Are We Ready For It ??


All of us want change, but in our hearts we dread it with the same intensity. Change comes with its own price tag and more  often than ever, people are not ready to pay for it. It is as if, one longs to wear the reputed brands, but is still looking for the best bargain to get it. Much has been said about change, in terms of that it is inevitable, it is the only constant and so on and so forth. But when it comes to a conscious decision, how many people embrace it whole heartedly??

As individuals in a social system, we are looking for better living conditions, enriched social life but are we willing to participate in the reform movements? We would rather have an opinion about it than be a part of it.

As professionals, we crib for transparency in the work place but how often do we keep our own communications clear and transparent?  There is always some room left for errors, negotiations and corrections.

As parents, we want a better education system for our kids. But do we go and embrace any new thought ourselves?  Often, we confuse the kids by giving them a conflicting picture of the past and present world.

Do we appreciate and encourage efforts of people who are striving to bring in the change? In fact, many a times, we don’t hesitate to tag the crusaders of change with crazy names. One has to understand that any transition or change is accompanied by pain. It also has a time factor attached to it and its effects are mostly pre-assumed.  Whether we love it or loathe it, change is truly the only motivating factor which keeps the human race going. It is certainly the most powerful law of nature.