Month: March 2014

Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day, a special occasion for modern day mums when your kids replace  the commonly used lingo of ‘ you are rude’, ‘you are so mean’, ‘I hate you’ etc with, ‘you are so kind’, ‘ I love you mum’, ‘ you are the best mum’ and so on and so forth.. All women would agree that playing the role of a mum is the toughest challenge that has been posed on womanhood. One is supposed to be good role model, discipline, love, teach, guide and all this without any training ….phew!! But thank whoever thought of these special days when you can redeem yourself , feel pampered and blessed with the thought of bearing beautiful souls. A lot of marketing gimmick goes around this with designer cards, gifts and holidays planned for the kids who want to make their mothers feel special. So, in a way its good for the industries … It fuels the economy. It’s kind of win win situation for everybody. As a mum, I experience all the love, anger , frustration, expectations of my kids. Also I keep reminding my kids of mother’s day …previous or upcoming, when they had or will whisper the sweetest words. I make it a point to celebrate Mother’s Day on both days as in March and in May..this is somewhat complicated as different parts of the globe chose to have it on two different dates. I make it a point to tell all my mum friends to take advantage of this choice and make the best of it. Mums kind of deserve this pleasure.




I have been running around with thousand things…my to do lists had lately been proportionately increasing with my laziness and I finally decided to take it on. So the whole week went by tackling school, home, work, family and friends…As I was browsing gifts at a popular store, I realized that everything was coloured red around…Amazed, I asked the floor assistant about it and he mentioned the upcoming Valentine’s Day…Red being the colour of love was therefore prominent.

Valentine’s Day once used to bring such a tingle and excitement. We used to look forward for the day in college and by the end of the day we would sit around with our gang of girls and discuss each other’s experiences. It has now transcended as yet another day in the never ending year. But before I engulfed into these depressing thoughts that put me off…I remembered a sweet thought. During my freedom days …when I was not defined by thousand relations but just my name…I used to buy myself a gift every now and then..celebrate my sweet little moments, successes and self love.

So without further ado, I sidelined the thought of gifts and got myself a soft pillow, a bunch of red roses and my favourite sweet. One thing I reminded myself is that happiness resurfaces from within. Loving oneself is certainly a big contributor to it. Valentine’s day certain didn’t seemed so over-rated.