Month: November 2014

Day has Begun!


Cuckoo clock announces the day.
Savouring the delayed moments,
Stretching it to eternity
A mum leaves the bed.
Ahh..the day has begun!

Trudging her path, justifying her guilt
She uncovers the sweet faces
Of her darlings underneath the sheets.
Loves of her life, cherishing their dreams
About to be interrupted by morning races.
Cuddles, the day has begun!

Routine chores, rubbing eyes,
Slowest walk to closest destination,
Rush of the hour as cuckoo in the clock smiles.
Laces tied, last minute conundrum
Hasty runs…the day has begun!

The empty nest, spills on the floor
Piled up laundry and dishes unclean.
Search for the recipe, shop runs,
Drive down town for the perfect gift,
Would they be happy?
Dilemmas….the day has begun!

Later in the evening, yearning for a fresh brew
Scanning the list of jobs undone,
Flustered by the day’s attainment
Mum thinks, did the day really begun?