Month: January 2015

Poem and Poet…

Conceived in the darkest
Deepest corners of mind
Cultivating from a passing streak
To an impregnable thought
I implant myself
You nurture me, define me
I’m born

You relish like a proud parent
As I chuckle and glorify
They try to understand
Shower me with praises
Interpret me in various ways
I flourish..

I reach my prime
I’m young & popular
Talk of the town
They sermonise me
I’m adored
My youth sublimes..

They now remember me
I’m cited and referred
I see your wrinkles
Your shaking hands
Your worries
The slipping smile
I observe you fade..
I see you dead and gone
I become eternally perdurable..


Book Speak..

Stacked on the shelf
Cornered on a table
Weighed under piles
I miss a touch
And loving glance
Styled in thoughtful ensemble
Accessorised in fonts and images
I lure you to hold
Caress my silhouette
Pick me in your warm hands
Inhale the old book vanilla
Place me on your resting lap
Submerse yourself
Flip through my pages
Engage in my tales
Loose yourself to the world…

The wait is getting long
I fear settling dust
Forget and Neglect
I dread the inevitable fade…


Humanity is Lost ..

How do I redeem
Where do I seek?
The lost humanity
And fellowmen-ship
Inspirations go astray
Emotions fall meek….

Is this what we strive
Is this the desire?
Terra firma splashed
With gushing rouge…
Crimson stretches ruled
By untamed spirits
And animalistic souls
Faith is convicted
Humanity cross-examined..

Massacre and killing
Blood thirsty eyes
Is there no love
No respect…
No celebration of life?


I bow before You
I light a candle
I cross my heart
I read the verses
I pray..

I sit before You
Fold my hands
Close my eyes
Chant the mantras
I pray…

I bow before You
I bend in dua
Five times a day
Repeat the rakáh
I pray…

I pray for love
For health
And peace
For courage
And strength
For family
And all…

I hope You listen
I wish You grant
Fulfil what I seek
You are the Almighty
You are the One!
I do what I can
I pray…



I give you life
I encompass you
Omnipresent yet invisible
I music your chimes
I swirl the leaves
I dance with trees

When I blow soft
You name me breeze
I brush your hairs
And caress your skin
I flutter butterflies’ wings

When I go wild
You call me names
ThunderStorm and Tornado
You hear me roar and scream
As I give birth to
Sand-dunes and whirlwinds
With my prowess immense
I can annihilate and suppress

Yet I plead and I beg
Feel me, Enjoy me
Nurture my whispers
Don’t mess and make me filthy
Don’t suffocate me.