Deep Down

I sieved my memories
Unearthed the layers
Buried in my thoughts,
In the darkest corners of my mind,
I discovered I still love you.

You are preserved in my dreams
Your silhouette still stamped
Your shadows stark the dark
Your imagined touch gives pins
Goosebumps numb my skin
I still dream of you
I believe I still love you.

The times we shared
Stolen moments we lived
Excitement of just a glimpse
Meticulous plans for future
Our Entangled fingers
Your enticing breath
Your Lingering touch…
I feel I miss you so much.

Now we tread separate paths
Partitioned by gratuitous reasons
Locked in incognito personalities
We fuel the ravenous desires
In life’s crossroad paths
If we ever stumble upon
I will tear apart my precious heart
Just to let you know
I love you.



Dilemma …

What do I ask?
How do I catechise?
Where do I inquest?
When I see you
I am lost for words.
My mind is clouded
Apprehending my own thoughts
Strutting an un-destined path
Justifying an un-willing meander
My emotions are frosted…
What do I seek?
How do I answer?
Where do I look?
The overpowering Dilemma..
I am lost…

Hold Me Tight..

I’m really trying hard
Learning new ways
Of faking faith
Of containing passion
And manufacturing love.

I kneel, I plead thou
To bestow some happiness
Let the holy spirits rise
Don’t let me go
Please Hold me tight…

The loneliness perturbs
This envy is getting dark..
Darker than the black night.
Amusing discomfort
Is all I recall.
Make me valid,
Hold me tight..

School Holidays..mum’s view

Bewildered by thought of holidays
I stock up my ladder, Ready my bay
A pause to school runs,
Certainly more time to lay…

Hungry kids, laundry piles
Mayhem in house, Resolving fights
Parties and fun, frolic untamed
Plans in mind, a mum’s dismay

Late nights, trips and tours
Screen time counters, Routines lure
Chuckles and chortles at petty jokes
Moments as personalities mold

Homework and completing displays
Time flies with counting days
Checks and rechecks, pointers on list
It was not long before
The holidays ticked…

Now is the Time..

they went to school

Have no words, Feel no pain
What do I write and how convey
To the insensitive souls
Who with guns foray..
Is it what your maters wished
When they gave you gift of life?
You shame your birth.
Whose dreams are you fulfilling,
You, demons on earth..

Dance of death is what you enjoy
Can you not hear, can you not feel
Innocent smiles transformed to screams.
How can a mother ever say goodbye
To her love at school, lying cold..
You shot point blank, I’m told
Ahh! Have you no heart, no eyes
Where would this ever suffice ?

Come on and rise, open your eyes
Life is to cherish and to love
Be a harbinger of peace and joy
Nurture your soul, nullify your past
Now is the moment, rise I beckon
Or else I reckon,
When you lie, their wont be a heart
To shed a tear and bid you goodbye…

Letter to Monday..

Dear Monday,

I feel your presence with the bidding dusk
I know you’ll be there with chirping birds
Reveal the suspense of inevitable week
But what a fool to despise you as much

The joy of weekend ebbs with your rise
I Gather myself and shake my soul
You arrive with a promise of active life
Work and Routines, with Pleasure at bay
Rest postponed for the upcoming Friday..
Well that’s not far away!!


What a courage and how much fun
To sleep at a buddy’s place
With restrictions none…
Chatting through the night
Giggles, laughters and secrets some
Sleepovers…what fun!

PJs rolled and popping corns
Pillow talks while videos on
Timepiece ticks the passing hour
Sleep eludes heavy eyes
Stories untold and blanket curls
Yawns welcoming the morning sun
Sleepovers….Oh what fun!


To My Brother Alok…

Fourteen years since you’ve been gone
I still feel the touch of your hand in mine.
I hear loud our dialogues
And blabber my nothing’s in your ears.
For me, you are not forlorn.

I have your picture in my heart
Can’t think of pinning you to a wall
Though it’s true, I must confess…
Sometimes I fear, I will forget
Your bright and confident face.

I remind myself the stories known
I hear you laugh at my silly jokes
Your annoying giggles when I fall
When at times, I was getting late
You used to leave me behind
..and close the gates..

You were the first to taste my trials
To take the blow of my mistakes
You were my cover for wrongs done
And my alibis for some.

Can’t forget the day when your news came,
Still wait for that moment to be erased.
Standing by the hostel door,
When our dreams were knocked to floor.

When I still visit the sea,
My eyes search for you around
Oh! what the mighty waves have done to me,
Snatched away my childhood from me.

Can rolling tears mitigate the pain,
when I hear sisters complain..
With whom do I talk the deepest fears?
With whom do I share the memories lost?

I miss you beyond words…



Silence is precious
When it means “I understand”.
Silence is baffling
When one buries head in sand.

Emotions are empowering
When they strengthen élan.
Emotions are baggage
When they make one fall.

Words are wisdom
When achievers speak.
Words are a banter
When there’s a storm within.

Love is liberating
When it frees from all ties.
Love is confiscating
When it limits the skies.

Sun and Shadow do explain
Two sides of the same coin.
Perspectives, paint the picture bright
Succour to see beyond black & white.


World Outside my Window…

Unfazed magnolia,
And peeping dew drops.
Glistening blades of grass,
And sheltered White daisies.
Nature’s mysterious myriads.

Embarking new life,
excited dandelions sway.
Cocooned in dark shells,
Snails shy away.

Rain-washed cars,
and frosty windows panes.
Umbrellas shading faces
and the underlying pains.

Array of houses,across the grey street
Manicured gardens and white rose vines.
Birds perching on blooming cherry blossoms
Nesting cosily, waiting for sunshine.

Sights from my room,
And enchanting passing hours.
Unread pages fluttering,
beckoning aloud for a turn.
But how do I help ?
I’m admiring the beautiful world.