Did she ask for too much?
Did she make unreasonable demands?
Why did you leave her waiting
Hanging there to be looked around…?
She felt so vulnerable and lonely
So naked in the crowd
The questioning and rude stares
The unfathomable gaze..
How would she have ever answered
All the people looking at her, unfazed?
She deserves a better chance
To be loved and treated right
A man in shining armour
Who would rise up for her pride…


Deep Down

I sieved my memories
Unearthed the layers
Buried in my thoughts,
In the darkest corners of my mind,
I discovered I still love you.

You are preserved in my dreams
Your silhouette still stamped
Your shadows stark the dark
Your imagined touch gives pins
Goosebumps numb my skin
I still dream of you
I believe I still love you.

The times we shared
Stolen moments we lived
Excitement of just a glimpse
Meticulous plans for future
Our Entangled fingers
Your enticing breath
Your Lingering touch…
I feel I miss you so much.

Now we tread separate paths
Partitioned by gratuitous reasons
Locked in incognito personalities
We fuel the ravenous desires
In life’s crossroad paths
If we ever stumble upon
I will tear apart my precious heart
Just to let you know
I love you.



Silence is precious
When it means “I understand”.
Silence is baffling
When one buries head in sand.

Emotions are empowering
When they strengthen élan.
Emotions are baggage
When they make one fall.

Words are wisdom
When achievers speak.
Words are a banter
When there’s a storm within.

Love is liberating
When it frees from all ties.
Love is confiscating
When it limits the skies.

Sun and Shadow do explain
Two sides of the same coin.
Perspectives, paint the picture bright
Succour to see beyond black & white.



Being in love is the most wonderful feeling in the world. It’s pure ecstasy, no matter whether you experience love in your teens or at a ripe age. Love has the power to transport you to a beautiful world where pain, self, jealousy and all such negative emotions have no place. It fills you with happiness and internal bliss. Many poet, writers and artists have tried to give verbal or non verbal expressions to this beautiful feeling of love, but there is so much more un- explainable.

Love is pure and sublime. It is eternal and every form of life experiences it in some or the other way. It is the only emotion that has the capacity to bind communities. Love can create miracles and heal souls. Let’s just spread it..adore it..and bask in it.