For my loving Son, on his Bday..

I remember 
The day you came to our lives..
Carefully holding you the first time
Pressing your soft skin against mine
Your little fingers,curled around 
A true bundle of joy, you were the missing link
A tiny little life that completed our family
We clasped onto each other,
It never ever felt so fulfilling 
I remember 
The joy and excitement
Of seeing your baby tooth.
Papa hurling you on up to the stars
Catching you and asking for some.
Rising and falling as you took baby steps
Adventurous expeditions up & down the stairs
You chasing us on your rattling walker,
Repeating your nonsensical blabber.
I remember
Discovering you from secret hiding places
Playing tickle monster that brought loud laughs
Waking up to Vroom and Zoom of your cars
Scaring you with petty threats to pull you from shower
Your first day to school, away from me
I tried standing strong so you wouldn’t loose smile
Time flies
I’m a collector, I accumulate memories
With you growing fast, I’m picking & keeping them safe
You have now turned into a young lad
But I’m still the same mother
I long for moments of our time together
Hugs from you mean the world
I wish when you fly away, my little birdie
You come back with lots of laughs.

Day has Begun!


Cuckoo clock announces the day.
Savouring the delayed moments,
Stretching it to eternity
A mum leaves the bed.
Ahh..the day has begun!

Trudging her path, justifying her guilt
She uncovers the sweet faces
Of her darlings underneath the sheets.
Loves of her life, cherishing their dreams
About to be interrupted by morning races.
Cuddles, the day has begun!

Routine chores, rubbing eyes,
Slowest walk to closest destination,
Rush of the hour as cuckoo in the clock smiles.
Laces tied, last minute conundrum
Hasty runs…the day has begun!

The empty nest, spills on the floor
Piled up laundry and dishes unclean.
Search for the recipe, shop runs,
Drive down town for the perfect gift,
Would they be happy?
Dilemmas….the day has begun!

Later in the evening, yearning for a fresh brew
Scanning the list of jobs undone,
Flustered by the day’s attainment
Mum thinks, did the day really begun?

“I had a mind once…now I’ve small children”


I have a fascination for fridge magnets. The latest one to my collection is one similar to the quote above. It occupies a prominent place in my displays. It has also proved to be a great conversation starter.
Retrospectively, my priorities have inevitably changed over the past few years. I always knew myself to be an independent girl, carefree in my thoughts and actions. I was quite a risk take and a go getter. I decided my own principles and rules. Seemingly, all decisions in my life were taken by me and powerful mind. Marriage added an entirely new dimension to my personality. I saw myself acting more responsible and a mature adult. Love, care and trust became the guiding factors. All the decisions in life were still being taken by me but in thoughtful consideration and consultation with my better half.
But, the real twist came with addition of children. I love my children with all my heart and soul. They have widened my sensitivities and added meaning to my life. However, the go getter attitude has gone out of the window and I find myself preaching about wants and needs. I see the rules and principles bend and remodelled every day to suit the occasion. I try my best to be sure that they take informed and careful decisions. I struggle to meet deadlines and my schedules reverberate to eternity. I find myself calculating and planning to the point of frustration…all this and more. In hindsight, I sometimes find it difficult to relate to the previous me.
Does all this really translate to that I don’t have a mind now??
I don’t think so. I believe that this is the new me with an evolved mind which feeds off the smiles and hugs of my kids. My decisions may not be entirely driven by me now, but, kids truly are the raison d’être. Everything else revolves around them.
Coming back to the fridge magnet, that I bought, it still proudly remains at its place. I look at it and feel blessed about every single moment of my life that I share with my small children.